This classic board was designed with clean, small to head-high waves in mind. The Tomcat sports a nice wide backside with a decent amount of lift, while the front half of the board is straight and has a slightly narrower nose. With a 36” concave and a slightly narrower nose, the board nose-rides beautifully, angling itself into the face instead of away from it, like a nose-rider should do. The single fin and soft forgiving rails make the Tomcat a pleasure to ride.

Mini- Noserider

The Mini Noserider comes in the 7’0” to 7’6” range, with the 7’2” being the popular size for the 65kg to 75kg surfer. The idea behind this board is to shorten the length so that it can be surfed off the tail like a mini-mal, but can be ridden as a nose-rider as well. The box and trailer fin set-up keep the board stable but loose off the tail, and the 35” concave through the nose area turns it into a fun nose-rider as well.


The classic twin-keel fish is a full-volume flyer, making it an easy board to paddle and catch waves on. The straight rocker-line combined with a healthy amount of vee through the tail area and slight concave in the front half of the board, compliment the twin-keel fin set-up, making the board fast and fun to ride in any size wave. These boards are a must in any purists’ quiver.


With a tip of the hat to Bob Simmons – the Mini Simmons is a timeless classic.  We predict this ride will grace everybody’s quiver because its without doubt a ground breaking stack of fun and a ride you won’t experience from any other board. Hugh Thompson’s version of the Mini-Simmons is a twin keeled planing hull that is guaranteed to excite any surfer with the desire to ride short, full volume surfboards. Wearing retro-style colours and a high-polish finish, the Mini-Simmons is a keeper.